Faced with massive environmental challenges, car manufacturers are not alone in their shift to implement green technology into upcoming products. Our roles in this shift are to expand your toolkit, select the controllers that best meet your needs, and help handle your implementation efforts.

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Artificial Intelligence

Due to increasing AI driven applications demanded, TBench is currently taking intense effort to integrate state of the art knowledge regarding e.g. hypothesis testing, data exploration, unsupervised- and supervised learning as well as neural networks used in deep learning context. Beside utilization within pure technical applications, we also integrate such methods as a steering tool into our daily business.


Our Motivation

The wide variety of microcontrollers at the modern engineer's disposal inflates evaluation costs. We want to change this by providing a more intelligent approach.

Our Goals

We aim to provide a sustainable alternative to state-of-the-art microcontroller evaluation boards that is flexible enough to serve any of a diverse set of roles. Stay tuned for the launch of the UniJack™.


Standardization of automotive software is a growing need. This standardization aims to produce device software that can work on a variety of hardware platforms by default. The defined interfaces for MCU access are addressed by the Microcontroller Abstraction Layer (MCAL). Since the MCAL requires rigorous testing, it is normally provided by the silicon manufacturer. 

That being said, some other companies also offer their own implementations. In our experience, many customers struggle to cope with the complexity of this standard. Even advanced software developers often have difficulty bridging this gap. We offer a small roadmap to reach a resolution.

Functional Safety

Functional safety is another topic that evades easy explanation. Simply reading the ISO26262 Part 2 rules would not grant you the full picture, unfortunately, and neither would the purely technical details of a project.

Since the V-Model demands a comprehensive understanding, both hardware and software engineers should understand where given requirements come from and how they impact their daily work. This article provides a small insight into what to expect from the norm.