Use cases

In many situations developers need to have an entry path into new technologies to reach first results very fast. For this we provide some examples based on our newly introduced UniJack™ development board.

Digital Input / Output

The UniJack has several ports for digital input and output available. Those ports can be freely configured within our graphical configuration tool. The port driver gives you some adjustment options to decide port strength and signal characteristics for example. You can also choose which way your incoming signal should go through internal routing.

Complex Input / Output

If you want to read or write pulse based data, this can also be configured inside the graphical configuration tool. Depending on the connected micro- or application controller we will make use of hardware accelerators as much as we can. Just type in which information you want to get from the incoming signal, or how your data should be decoded for an outgoing signal. The routing can also be done as for all other signals.


If you want to make use of embedded peripherals e.g. CAN, you just need configure it inside the graphical configuration tool. The data flow will then be defined by the routing. Since peripherals are limited on most silicons, the access to them must be organized through a scheduling process.

Main program

The main program is built of a structural C like language, which is compiled before every download to the connected module occurs. To prevent the workflow from increasing complexity, only this code file will be visible to the user. If you are using multicore controllers, there will be of course multiple but only main files visible. The intercommunication between those cores can be organized through a scheduler.


Let's assume a process where we need to handle two incoming as well as four outgoing digital signals, one incoming and three outgoing complex PWMs, one bidirectional CAN channels and two incoming analog signals where one of them is stable and the other one is noisy. How should the controller be configured to meet mentioned requirements?