Welcome to your preferred engineering service provider operating out of Hamburg, Germany. TBench.Solutions stands for high quality products and services in the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering and general system development. Whenever tasks require competence in any of these fields, we provide the interface for meshing disciplines like cogs in a well-functioning gearbox. TBench maintains a healthy balance of time, performance, and cost requirements throughout the process of bringing insights from existing empirical research together with the wishes of our customers. 

We faced and overcame countless challenges related to the interplay between electronics and mechanics over the course of our experience dealing with customer-specific development of new land-based and airborne robotic systems. From this experience, we have developed an intuition when it comes to placing competitive unique selling points (USPs).

As Preferred Design House (PDH) Partner for Infineon Technologies AG, we offer tailored support to Infineon’s customers for implementing the latest IFX technologies into their technical systems. We offer two support models, starting with the PDH Basic Support Model, which includes fundamental knowledge about your planned application. Our PDH Premium Support Model includes the entire range of our system development services. 

Cypress Semiconductor has been acquired by Infineon Technologies AG. As such, TBench.Solutions now offers support services for Traveo™ II and PSoC™ 4 controllers, opening new possibilities in automotive body communication and CapSense applications like touch-based human machine interfaces and low-maintenance buttons and sliders. 

We recently introduced dedicated ISO26262 and Embedded Linux support to meet growing customer demands.

A complete list of offered support services may be found in our newly composed catalog.

PDH Basic Support

The PDH Basic Support Model supports activities related to Triboards, embedded peripherals, core architecture, Infineon Low Level Drivers (iLLDs), and tool setup in addition to other basic support packages within a response time of 24 hours, free of charge.

PDH Premium Support

The PDH Premium Support Model supports the entire range of system development steps and is suited to address more complex challenges. These services are not free of charge, separate arrangements must be made before you receive support and solutions that fit seamlessly into your designs.

Embedded Linux & VHDL

Operating systems often come into play when dealing with system development at the application level. Hence, several systems on a chip (SoCs) are available. Applications with significant speed requirements—where rising and falling edges must be counted for diverse protocol support, for example—may benefit from field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). We offer dedicated implementation services to assist you with your first steps.